Davinci for the iPad – Is Bigger really better ?

by Wendell Browne on May 19, 2010

Alamode software just announced that DaVinci for the iPad is now available for download in the itunes app store. Of course, this is still an alamode labs project meaning that the software is currently in the development and testing phase; therefore a user can likely expect some bugs, etc.

I currently use Davinci for the iphone and while I like it, the screen real estate is definitely an issue.

Some folks like it just fine while others would prefer a larger screen to work with. Especially when working with the sketching program. Personally, I fall into the camp that would prefer some additional screen real estate.

For the appraiser’s out there, what are your thoughts ? Will this version of Davinci entice you to jump onboard with the ipad ? I don’t have one at this point, but it sure makes it tempting.

Here’s a link for the the application in the apple app store.



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1 Ryan Lundquist

My brother just emailed me two screenshots of this app late last night. He’s not an appraiser. I didn’t know the name of the app yet, but then I clicked over here…. Thank you. It sounds good and all to use an app like this, but personally speaking I don’t think I’d take a nice iPad in the field. I definitely still want one some day though.


2 Wendell Browne

Thanks for stopping by. It’s a great app especially for anyone that uses alamode software; since you have to ability to sync back to the desktop. I have been using it on the iphone, but screen space is limited. I hear you on the shiny ipad taking into the field issue. The screen vs. sunlight will also be a factor in climates such as yours.


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