3-2-1- Liftoff – The Nation’s Newest Airport is here and ready for business

by Wendell Browne on May 23, 2010

The nation’s newest airport is ready for business and will have the first official airline flight on Sunday, 5/23/10. For the interim, the former Panama City Bay County airport will be utilized for general aviation only.

The new airport is the result of land donated by the St. Joe Company. For those of you that are not familiar with “Joe”, the name is synonymous with real estate and Florida.

Why does a developer and the one of the largest land holders in Florida pony up and donate land for a international airport ?

Well, I think the answer is: looking to the future. With Bay County being centered between Tallahassee, Fl and Pensacola, the area is prime for future development.

Yes, the real estate market is down at the present time, but one must look ahead and have a future vision in order to be successful. St. Joe is positioning themselves and this area for the future.


Photo: News Herald

SO, big deal – another airport

The deal here is that the airport has brought in Southwest Airlines and is set to offer lower air fares for this part of Florida…. alright, now I’ve got your attention.  Secondly, the opening of the airport is expected to be a catalyst for economic development.

When you plan that family vacation this summer to enjoy the world’s most beautiful beaches, AKA Panama City Beach, crunch those numbers. It may be worthwhile to check and see how the air fares compare to the expense of driving.

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