Hurricane Season starts today

by Wendell Browne on June 1, 2010

Well, June 1 marks the official day of the 2010 Hurricane Season.  For residents along the Gulf Coast, this is something that everyone must be cognizant of and hopefully be prepared for.

The links herein will give you a refresher course for the items needed for your hurricane kit.

The map below shows evacuation routes in our area.

Let’s hope that Mother Nature will be nice this year.

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1 Tena Browne

Helpful information indeed!


2 Wendell Browne

Thanks Tena !


3 Bryan McDonald

Wendell, Do you see many people moving out of your area due to the Hurricanes and cost of insurance? I am asking because there is a retirement / golf community in my area just of I-75 that I appraise homes in. Several people who live in the community told me they moved to GA from FL because they can still be fairly close to the beach but not have to worry about hurricanes. I was just curious if you see anything like this in your area.


4 Wendell Browne

I haven’t seen too much of it to speak of recently. It was more common 3-4 years ago when we were being plagued with hurricane issues, tremendous increases in real estate taxes from the market boom, etc. During that time, I talked to people that could sell their interior house, move to Ga. or Ala, move up in sq. footage and also be on lake areas for 1/2 the cost in their current residence.

Insurance is still an issue in our area. Carriers are buckling down, especially on newly insured properties. They are doing roof inspections, electrical inspections, requiring wood rot repair, etc. The insurance companies hold all the cards at this point.


5 Bryan McDonald

Interesting – Insurance companies requiring roof and electrical inspections. Thanks!


6 Ryan Lundquist

We don’t have anything like that in my area – not even an “earthquake season”.


7 Wendell Browne

Consider yourself lucky !


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