A Quick Analysis of the Bay County Residential Market

by Wendell Browne on April 14, 2011

Iam updating my stats for the 1st Quarter of 2011 and anxious to see if our market is getting healthy or not. As will all things, there’s good news and some not so good news. First, the Bay County marketplace which includes Panama City Beach, Panama City, and Lynn Haven continues to soften; typical of many areas.

Note the chart below reflecting the detached single family market on a macro level contrasting each quarter period. I’m sure you will see the same thing I do.


bay cty -DSF median macro 2011-Q1

On a positive note, inventory levels continue to diminish and units sales have increased over the last quarter period. This is certainly a good thing given the extreme oversupply of inventory our area has experienced for several years.

bay cty -DSF macro 2011-Q1



Spring is in the air; let’s hope that will stimulate our marketplace. For all of your appraisal needs, please visit us at our main website here.

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1 Bryan McDonald

Wow, it doesn’t look like there is an end to the decline in the sales price, good to see inventory levels dropping though.


2 Wendell Browne

Yes Sir, it just keeps dropping. The inventory reduction is certainly a breath of fresh air. Thanks for stopping by Bryan !


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