Hurricanes in Florida – Are you ready for the Season?

by Wendell Browne on May 29, 2011

Hurricane season is upon us once again. NOAA has made their prediction for the 2011 season.

Florida and Panama City Beach has seen its share of major hurricanes over the years including several major hurricanes since 2000. One of the most memorable hurricanes to hit our area was Hurricane Opal in 1995. I vividly remember the evacuation process of attempting to get out of town only to encounter snarled traffic delays. I think I could have walked quicker.

NOAA’s projection is twelve to eighteen named storms including three to six major hurricanes. One important thing to note in these estimates is that the numbers are above the seasonal average. So, living along the Coastal Panhandle of Florida, this is a good time to review common practices and prepare for the season.

A helpful list to make those preparations is here. The following guide will give you a refresher course in what you will need if going to a shelter, evacuating, and having a plan.

Be safe out there and have a great prepared summer.

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